Arts and Culture

Over the past three decades, the arts have given Indigenous people a voice with which to make them heard, loud and strong. Journey with us through the galleries, the homes, the inspirations and the lives of Indigenous artists, here and around the world.


NITV has deservedly won a fine reputation for its quality documentaries. We tackle a vast range of subjects that matter to everyone, from spotlighting the rich culture and diversity of Indigenous Australia in iBelong, and Culture Warriors, to a probing look at the history of Australian hip-hop in Words form the City, we have something of interest for everybody.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Relax and unwind with a superb range of entertaining lifestyle programs on NITV, stories that address a wide range of Indigenous life and culture. We’ll bring you health issues tackled in a forthright, no-nonsense way in Living Strong; then we’ll take a trip to the Kimberley region of Western Australia with Milli Milli Nganaka, and enjoy a culinary adventure with The Black Olive at the Outback Café.

Wrap that all up with a roundup of what’s hot in the entertainment world in our new hit show Gathering, and you’ll see we have lifestyle and entertainment shows wrapped up in an irresistible package for you!

Global Window

NITV features some of the most brilliant, inspiring and comedic international programming, with a range of international documentary series' such as; Medicine Woman; Children's program; Wapos Bay and the hilarious New Zealand comedic animation series BroTown.

Kids and Family

Come and enjoy a wide array of fantastic programs for all the kids and the whole family. From fun and educational shows like Go Lingo! and Letterbox, to cutting edge youth scene program Grounded and On The Edge. From kids favourite Yarramundi Kids, to Yaarnz, we’ve got kids programming covered!


Music has always been a hugely important part of NITVs mission to reflect the best of Indigenous culture. We bring you the widest variety and very best music from across Australia with shows such as Voumz, InTunes, Chocolate Martini, Pmarra Country, and Songlines in the City. So whether your tastes run to Country, Hip-hop, soul, roots, pop or rock, you’ll find what you’re looking for on NITV.

News and Current Affairs

NITVs news coverage has become one of the cornerstones of the daily schedule. Our Indigenous news analysis is one of the most comprehensive and thorough in the industry, and our team, headed by Natalie Ahmat, is there to provide the latest Indigenous and wider news stories, as they happen, from across the nation, and the world.

Also, check out Opinion Piece, our program which covers current affairs from a uniquely Indigenous perspective, Executive Produced by award winning journalist Angela Bates.


"When is too much sport not enough?" NITV has brought a spectrum of sports never before aired on Australian television screens. Indigenous sports at its best, the Marngrook AFL Footy Show, The Barefoot Rugby League Show, and special broadcasts of Golf, Basketball, Cricket, Touch Football, Rugby Union, with competitions from The Annual NSW Koori Rugby League Knock Out, and The Island of Origin all the way from the Torres Strait Islands,