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National Indigenous TV Limited (NITV) welcomes contributions from all communities, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous, and encourages engaging discussion about NITV programs and issues that affect our communities. NITV expects all participants to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

By using or participating in NITV's website and online media, including but not limited to the Campfire, NITV's Facebook or NITV's Twitter pages, all participants are deemed to have agreed to, and are bound by, these Terms of Use. A reference to the 'NITV website' includes all NITV online media on any platform.

NITV does not endorse the views or materials contained in the user's contributions or warrant the accuracy of any material published.

User Participation

All users must ensure and adhere to the following terms:

  • Do not be abusive, harass or threaten others;
  • Do not impersonate or falsely represent any other person or company;
  • Do not make defamatory comments;
  • Do not post insulting, provocative or hateful language or material;
  • Do not post obscene, offensive or discriminatory language or material;
  • Do not post material on the forum that infringes the intellectual property rights of others or breaches their confidential information;
  • Respect Indigenous cultural intellectual property rights; and
  • Comply with all applicable laws

NITV reserves the right to decline any registration that NITV suspects is being made by or on behalf of a member who has been suspended for violation of these Terms of Use.

Children's Contributions

All children's contributions and use of the website should be supervised by an adult. Any images of children should be approved by the child's parent or guardian for distribution on the website.


Material published on the website is protected under the copyright laws of Australia and is not in the public domain.

The right to copy material remains with the copyright owner. Unless expressly stated, you are not permitted to copy or republish any material that you find on the internet without the copyright owner's permission.

If you wish to publish someone else's material, you will need to get permission and you will also need to credit the creator of that material.

When you contribute your own original material to this website, you will own all rights in that material including copyright, however, you give NITV the right to reproduce and use that material in all media in perpetuity and in whatever way NITV chooses to. If NITV needs to edit the material, you agree to consent to an infringement of your moral rights including your right of integrity and right of attribution.

Links to Other Websites

NITV is not responsible for, and does not endorse, the content on any linked or referenced external sites.

NITV reserves the right to remove any user-posted links, embedded or other external materials at NITV's own discretion.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP)

NITV encourages the respect of, and consultation with, cultural custodians regarding their Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP).

If there are any images, artistic works, video clips, stories, songs, designs or any other tangible information published on the NITV website that contain ICIP, then the participant must obtain consent from the appropriate cultural custodians of that Indigenous community before publishing the material online.

The user needs to be able to show that the appropriate consent has been obtained as NITV may request evidence of permission. In addition, users are responsible for:

  1. 1. Respecting and upholding the cultural integrity of the materials;
  2. 2. Not including material that is secret or sacred; and
  3. 3. Ensuring compliance with deceased persons protocols.
        All participants must respect these ICIP principles as users of the website.


Users will respect the privacy of others, protect their own privacy and comply with all applicable privacy laws. It is recommended that users do not reveal personal information such as their address or phone number.
For further information on privacy, please refer to NITV's Privacy Policy on the NITV website at

Termination of Account

NITV reserves the right to terminate any user's account, with or without notice, if it believes that the user has breached any of the Terms of Use.

User contributions may still be available on the NITV website after an account has been closed.

Role of the Moderator

The Moderator may remove any material and/or information, included on the NITV website that are in breach of these Terms of Use, or otherwise at its own discretion.

NITV has the right to remove material and terminate a user's access if there is a breach of these Terms of Use and in serious cases, to commence legal action.


All users are responsible for their own contributions and indemnify NITV against any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered by NITV as a result of any contributions or failure to comply with these terms. User participation on the NITV website is at their own risk and to the maximum extent permitted by law, NITV excludes all liability for any loss or damage suffered by a user.

Where a user breaches these terms, NITV reserves the right to take such action as it feels is necessary, including contacting the user's ISP, or taking steps to block the user's access to the NITV website.

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. No delay in exercising a right by NITV shall be considered a waiver of that right. If any part of these Terms of Use is held to be illegal or unenforceable by a court of law, that part will be read down by NITV to the extent necessary to make it legal and enforceable or if this is not possible, that part will be severed from the Terms of Use with all other parts remaining in full force and effect. All users use of material on the NITV website is at their own risk and NITV reserves the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time.

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