Hunting Aotearoa is a reality series which focuses on the tangata whenua (locals) who hunt throughout Aotearoa. Offering an insight into the exciting and thrilling world of hunting, presented by Mäori hunting enthusiast Howie Morrison Junior.

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The show features Pig hunters and Deer stalkers, but also other wild game hunters that hunt Goat, Possum, Wallaby, Rabbit, Hare, Tahr, Chamois, Duck and Geese. Also from time to time the crew venture abroad to join hunters in other countries and islands.

Hunting Aotearoa aims to focus on the commitment and dedication of those who hunt throughout our beautiful Aotearoa and is produced by Hikoi NZ Ltd.

It draws on the everyday practices of hunters an rural communities who employ hunting as a means of providing kai to whanau and friends. Hunting wild game in New Zealand is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping experience and the series aims to capture the pace and excitement of this pursuit.

Hunting has been a life line for many of our communities in the rural areas of Aotearoa. Mäori families in particular relied on wild game to feed and support their whanau, communities and manuhiri (visitors).

To this day, hunting is still a rich source of kai for many of our people. It has been ingrained into the fabric of our rural communities. Hunting Aotearoa takes a genuine and exciting look into the hunting trips of the present day hunter while also acknowledging the traditional hunting methods of our ancestors.

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Join Maori hunter and host Howie Morrison as he presents the only New Zealand television show for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Take in the spectacular scenery and watch some good keen huntsmen bag some big game.

Hunting Aotearoa