Toomelah, is the award winning film by Indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen set in a remote Aboriginal community, Daniel, a sensitive, troubled 10 year old boy from a broken home, yearns to be a "gangster" like the male role models in his life. Skipping mschool, getting into fights and running drugs for Linden, the local gang leader.

Daniel's home life becomes increasingly difficult. He has to deal with the return of an elderly Aunt, who was removed from the mission when she was a young child. Daniel watches her, as she struggles to reconnect and find her place in the community.

So Daniel moves in with his gang and is well on his way to becoming a little gangster. Yet his sometime girlfriend Tanitia still holds out hope for Daniel, trying to get him to go back toschool. Then a rival drug dealer Bruce, returns from prison, and a drug turf war erupts, leading to a showdown between the groups.

Daniel is caught in the middle and thrust into a world of brutal violence. Linden and his gang are all taken off to jail.

Daniel is suddenly alone and vulnerable. He has to work out where his life is heading and make a choice for his future …

NITV proudly presents the Australian Premier of international award winning film Toomelah on NITV Free to Air channel 34 from 9.40pm Sunday 16th December, 2012.

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Daniel is a boy growing up in the remote Aboriginal community of Toomelah. He gets drawn into a world of drugs and violence and has to make a choice for a better future...


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