National Indigenous Television (NITV) is a channel made by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Through us, you will discover a channel for all Australians.

NITV is proud to inform, educate and entertain its Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences about the issues that matter, through providing a rich diversity of culture, languages and talent. The channel’s
programs are primarily commissioned or acquired from the Indigenous production sector, and NITV is also home to the only nightly television news service that covers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island stories from across the country.

From its humble beginnings in 2007, the channel has continued to grow, launching as part of SBS on free-to-air television (Channel 34) in December 2012.

The channel now reaches over two million unique viewers a month. It is also available to Australian
audiences via a number of additional platforms, including Foxtel and Austar (Channel 144), TransACT, FreeView and VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television).

As NITV moves forward within the media landscape, its growing audience recognises the channel as unique in celebrating and providing a voice for Indigenous Australia, and educating and opening a rich dialogue with wider Australia.

NITV is a free-to-air channel available via a national signal and is additionally available via Foxtel and Austar (Channel 144), TransACT and VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television).

What is NITV's point of difference?

NITV has been recognised by the media industry and Indigenous community with nationally acclaimed nominations and awards.

The channel received two Walkley finalist nominations in its first year as a free-to-air broadcaster and its children’s show Move it Mob Style was nominated for a 2014 TV Week Logie Award.

NITV revenue is reinvested into content production, strengthening the Indigenous production sector, with almost $10 million of NITV’s annual budget invested directly to Indigenous-made content.

NITV is wholeheartedly committed to impacting:

• All Australians, by giving them more of the Indigenous news and information that they want and need, and being a broadcaster of Indigenous programs based on trustworthy information.

• The Australian media, by continuing to break stories such as the incarceration of the Thorne brothers, the funeral of Indigenous musician Dr Yunupingu and the apology by David Morrow.

• The NITV acquisitions team, through selection of international and national documentaries, films and television series. Some of NITV’s highest ratings have resulted from acquired content such as the films
Rabbit Proof Fence (Australia) featuring David Gulpilil and Shooting Dogs (Rwanda), the documentary Big Damage (Papua New Guinea) and adult animation series The Boondocks (United States)