National Indigenous Television (NITV) is part of the SBS family of free-to-air channels broadcasting across Australia providing a nationwide Indigenous television service via cable, satellite and terrestrial transmission means and selected online audio visual content. The content for these services is primarily commissioned or acquired from the Indigenous production sector.


NITV currently employs approximately 50 Australians, some 70% of which are Indigenous. When NITV commenced, there was a shortage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with experience in television or journalism. As a consequence, most NITV staff were recruited from other fields and trained on the job. They now constitute a formidable Indigenous talent pool for the Australian media, including SBS. All current advertised positions are available on the SBS website:

Who is NITV?

Indigenous Australians are involved in all aspects of NITV's channel operations and make up two thirds of its staff; this includes holding eleven out of 14 positions in News & Current Affairs.

Indigenous production and media companies create NITV’s content. More than 400 people based in all areas of Australia have been employed in various productions commissioned by NITV since 2007.

As a dedicated Indigenous channel of SBS we will bring extraordinary content to more screens than ever before showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures content by Indigenous Australians for Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians.

NITV will provide a fertile training ground for talented young Indigenous Australians interested in a career in television and the emerging transmedia industry. 

What is NITV's point of difference?

NITV has been on air since July 2007. We have earned the support and trust of Indigenous viewers and other Australians. NITV has continually utilized the talents of Indigenous writers, directors, journalists and producers to make programs in a wide variety of genres ranging from music to health, sport, news, current affairs, culture and children’s programs. Almost all of NITV’s content is made, not bought.

NITV has shown approximately 2,000 hours of commissioned or directly-produced content since its inception.

NITV informs, entertains and educates its Indigenous and non Indigenous audiences with a rich palate of innovative, unique content. We tell stories and showcase the rich diversity of culture, languages and creative talent from all over Australia. Programs like NITV News, the Barefoot Sports Show, Yaarnz, Living Strong, Grounded, Waabiny Time and Go Lingo just to name a few, have proven to be popular shows that send out positive messages about Indigenous Australia and speak primarily to Indigenous Australians.

We are the only channel in Australia that is 100% dedicated to reflecting the culture of Indigenous people. We are proud to have that honour and responsibility and will continue to represent your voice with some of the best programs, made by some of the best Indigenous talent the industry has to offer.